Lilly...Paparazzi & PB Boat Show

Hubby & I were honored to be invited to tour the @ferettigroup yachts @pbboatshow last Sunday, March 31st. There were occasional breezes, but hubby was thirsty so we stopped to grab a bottle of water. Waiting in line I leaned over to kiss 💋and unbeknownst to us a lady took our photo, because she really liked our @lillypulitzer coordinating outfits! She was unsure if she should share our photo she took, but we are glad she did! What a special tender & magical moment she captured! 📸. I must admit that we received many many compliments while walking around the show.

On the way to the designated ramp it was so nice to run into Sam Hamilton, whom I met last fall at the grand opening of the Worth Avenue Lilly Pulitzer Boutique. Great seeing another Lilly Lover.

We met two event models from Wilhelmina Miami representing @100capri_official located @theroyalpoincianaplaza. These two beautif ladies agreed to be photographed with me, and when the found out my age they recommended that I contact their director for representation. Since we moved to Florida in 2011, it has been challenging to find an agency that best fits my look in this demographic, which is initially why I started my IG page to get my name and face out there. Hubby & I are praying for this door to open; please stay tuned and say a prayer for me.

When we toured the yachts, we were invited to have several professional photos taken of us and of me, on our favorite yacht the Ferrett, which has a classic, practical interior design. Laying on the back sun deck, which can lower into the water, I felt inspired to look up into the heavens and thank God for the blessing of the day hubby and I shared together. As much as we love our children, it was an amazing way to spend a day date, appreciating an annual event in downtown West Palm Beach.

After the show, we chose a restaurant that I have been wanting to take hubby to for some time in the via behind Lilly Pulitzer, Via Flora. We enjoyed a nice quiet dinner and dessert

at Cafe Flora, eating on the outside terrace with the bossa nova music, calming fountains, and the pleasant breezes.

if you find yourself in West Palm Beach next year in late March stop by the PB Boat Show. Visit for more information regarding next years show.

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