Lenten Season - No more Dipping 💅🏼

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

This year for Lent I am giving up the luxury of having my nails dipped. It is also a way for my nails to breathe as I have had them dipped for almost 2 years. I currently go to Vivi @paullabrequesalon @theroyalpoincianaplaza Vivi showed me that 3 of my nails were in really bad shape from my previous nail technicians using the drill too hard to take the layers of product off. She said the gel was the worst to take off! My nail layers are actually peeling half way on my nail bed, and I will be honest my nerve endings were activated during the removal ....ouch!

I have been aware of my nails being thinner, and sensitive too. I know they are fragile.

The nail dipping selling point is such that your nails grow out healthier, but mine were not they were actually damaged. Vivi said it would take up to 4 months for my nail beds to regenerate, and suggested I wait until then to get my nails dipped again.

I got used to my nails being long, strong, and I thought they were healthy. My suggestion is to make sure your nail technician is not drill happy removing the dipping layers, and you give your nails a break (no pun intended) for a few months.

Lenten Season lasts for 40 days until Easter Holiday is observed. This year Easter is on April 21, which also happens to be my 28th Anniversary. My husband has always adored my long nails, but it is definitely better for them to be healthy long,

What meaningful giving up are you doing for Lenten Season?

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photo showing my nails peeling.

Clean nails after removal of layers.

Beautiful manicure using Kur nail polish. 🌷

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