Image - O2 Lift

Have you heard of @imageskincare ?

Founded by @jannaronert the @imageskincare line is the most innovative #skincare brand producing the latest anti-aging, balancing, hydrating, and illuminating technologies. The price points are #attainable to everyone’s budget even a mommy of 5 budget.

🤩💛 A special treat of being their chosen the live model Thank you to @jessica_turner for her gentle yet massaging and therapeutic touch during the #imageskincare #facialtreatment

The O2 Lift Hydrogel Hydrating Mask that @jessica_turner demonstrated on me simulated the sound of champagne 🥂🍾bubbles hard at work breaking down the dead skin cells.

No downtime and visible results immediately! 🤩💛 Thank you to Nicole @tingedaily and Katherine @katherinelande @launchpadcollective for this blessing.

#launchpadcollective #esplandepalmbeach

Photographer @kaylammendez

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