Bath 🛁 Time in Memphis

After a day of visiting the lovely boutiques on Main Street in Downtown Memphis, I ended the day with a soothing bath 🛁 drawn by hubby @ludlowbas. Our @hu.hotel room‘s bathtub had beautiful bronze fixtures, and a deep tub that is perfect to soak in. The bathroom with its beautiful fixtures and modern, yet simplistic design made it very easy to relax and enjoy quiet time away from our 3 children, who are currently under our roof age wise.

While sightseeing I came across the quaint boutique @buffcitysoap. I was drawn in by all the colorful soaps that are handmade on location behind the register. I met 2 of the employees, Jerrika @jerrikaautumn, who was making soap at the time, and Madison @princessrazr. These friendly associates explained the quality of plant based ingredients and the benefits they have to soothe, moisturize, and condition your skin.

So if you find yourself in Memphis, I suggest you look up @buffcitysoap boutique.

They have two locations in Memphis.....Dowtown and Midtown.

You can also visit their website directly

PS. Tell them Cynthia sent you! 😉😉

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