Performance Management

Our consultants have implemented and supported performance management solutions at Fortune 1,000 companies, using state-of-the-art software.  We can work with you in selecting the right vendor offering, as well as designing, developing, and implementing the solution.


Financial Management - organizations use Financial Management to improve their reporting capabilities, whether for GAAP, tax, or internal management reporting purposes, as well as facilitating the budget process. We will map your general ledger and other data sources to provide your organization with up-to-date one version of the truth.

Strategy Management - we can design the software to provide current performance information tied directly to your Strategic Plan or other organizational initiatives.  We will also advise and develop specific dashboards, charts and graphs, geomaps, and other reports to provide addtional analytical information.

Activity Based Management - we can map your current general ledger and other sources to this solution to provide Activity Based Costing of your processes and other costs, as well as to provide better insight into your customers behavior and associated profit and cost.

Business Intelligence - we can create models, queries, and reports and graphs using the most current Business Intelligence software to analyze the vast amount of data that your organization generates and accumulates.