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MyObjectives is a performance management and process tool that aligns every member of an organization to the overall goals and strategy, while ensuring employee engagement at all levels.

MyObjectives is cloud-based SaaS ( Software as a Service) with a cost starting at $50 per month for five scorecards. MyObjectives uses a balanced scorecard methodology which has been implemented by thousands of companies over the past three plus decades.  Other methodologies include Baldrige Performance and COBIT.


Benefits of MyObjectives:


•Resources aligned to achieve goals efficiently

•Cross-team interdependencies identified

•Stronger collaboration across teams

•Goals linked to performance appraisals

•Greater visibility and accountability

•Timely progress updates reduce surprises

•Projects are systematically managed

Employee Engagement

Employees have a greater sense of purpose

•Employees understand their role in the success of the company

•More cross-training opportunities

•Higher employee job satisfaction

•Improved employee retention

•Continuous learning and improvement

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Ludlow Business Advisory Services



For many companies, small or large, established or start-up, developing a strategy is a difficult experience, generally met with pushback or lack of interest or time by the key stakeholders.  Gaining consensus of a strategy from the Executive Level to Senior and Mid-level managers takes time, effort and the right attitude; yet, a company's strategy sets the tone at the top and provides a vision for the future.  Our consultants have experience in:


Development -  our professionals will walk your company through the process of developing a strategic plan that is comprehensive, relevant, and easy to understand. Whether the plan is a Balance Scorecard, specific to certain departments or disciplines, we will help you set Goals, Initiatives, and Tasks.

Integration - after a strategy has been developed, it needs to be communicated and integrated within the company.  This requires direction and tone at the top so that the message is communicated clearly and specific goals, initiatives, and tasks are understood through-out the organization.  Our consultants will work with your resources in sending the message through-out your organization through multiple delivery methods.


Monitoring - now that the strategy has been communicated through-out the organization, continued monitoring is necessary to keep resources focused and to ensure success is achieved.  Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing and supporting state-of-the art Performance Management software to provide dashboards, charts and graphs, and reports to identify areas requiring specific attention, as well as to highlight high achievers.

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