Below is a sample of companies we have serviced over the past 20 years.  We believe that our best advertising is through the references from our experience; if you would like to further discuss our experience with a company, please click the Request more info button, and we will answer your questions. 

Consumer Appliances Company

$7B + International Consumer Product Goods company selling Major Appliances.  Designed, developed, and implemented Demand Driven Planning and Optimization solution, primarily Collaborative Workbench, to enhance forecasting of Product sales, providing better insight into inventory requirements and meeting customer needs.

National Clothing Retail Company

$300MM Retail company selling clothing in over 350 stores nationally.  Designed, developed, and implemented Financial Reporting Solution for GAAP-based and SEC Reporting, as well as internal analytic reporting.

Sporting Goods Manufacturer

$350MM Sporting Goods Manufacturer and Distributor.  Provided General and Cost Accounting, as well as Controllership and Financial Reporting Services.  Client is an SEC Registrant.

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Major University in the Southeast with enrollment of 20K+ students.  Designed, developed, and delivered Strategy Management solution to provide enhanced tracking and analytics of the client's Strategic Plan through dashboards and visual reporting tools.

United States Government Agency

Large US Government agency with $7B budget and 15K+ employees.  Implemented Strategy Management solution for two divisions to enhance the tracking, reporting, and analytics of their CITSP and Strategic Plan through dashboards and visual reporting tools.

Outdoor Power Equipment Company

$350MM International Manufacturer and Distributor of Outdoor Power Equipment.  Provided Internal Audit services at Manufacturing, Sales, and Corporate locations.

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